the best o-event of the winter time. Always quality terrain & fun competition.


The biggest Orienteering in the winter time!

Portugal "O" Meeting is a yearly event, with 4 forest stages, always organized in the Carnival holidays. Competition is always high in all the competition classes, with elite runners having the first big competition of the year. Reigning champions in the Elite classes are Venla Harju and Isac von Krusenstierna. Who will win in 2024?


In 2024, the event will be held in Almeida, in nice rocky terrain, technical but with very good runnability. Are you up to the challenge?


 Training Camps Nearby:

Aguiar da Beira Training Camp

The closest camp to Portugal "O" Meeting 2024. Most maps are located less than 1 hour to the forest events of POM2024. See available maps below


Sand Dunes Training Camp

About 2 hours’ drive down to the coast. The perfect location to complement your travel to Portugal.


February 9th

  • ·Sprint Relay – Almeida

February 10th

  • ·Midle Distance WRE* – Amoreira
  • ·Night Sprint – Miuzela do Côa

February 11th

  • ·Long Distance – Amoreira

February 12th

  • ·Midle Distance WRE*– Amoreira
  • ·PreO – Almeida

February 13th

  • ·Long Distance, Chasing Start  – Amoreira




Our main proposal for Portugal O Meeting 2024 is Hotel Turismo de Trancoso - located 50min from the arena of the forest races.

Hotel provides all necessary services and confort during your stay and is located not far from Aguiar da Beira - so possible to combine with extra trainings.


It is also possible to stay in Aguiar da Beira – for more informations visit the page of Aguiar da Beira Training Camp



Single Room Double Room Triple Room Half Board
Hotel Turismo de Trancoso 48€ 70,50€ 88€ 17€

Prices are per night/room, including breakfast


  • Accommodation & breakfast.
  • Prices will be adjusted according to booking details.



  • Travel insurance;
  • Personal accidents insurance;
  • All extras not included on the price.
  • If you want to buy training maps, each map cost 6€ - maps are professionally printed on waterproof paper, with tapes on the terrain. Click here for more information or check below.



We can take care of your car rental need or even rent you a bus with driver during your full stay (ideal for big groups).

We have agreement with 2 car rental companies. On both cases the cars are picked and dropped directly at the airport station.



The car rental prices are dependable of a lot of factors. If you want quotation for your car rental needs, please proceed with your booking. We will send you a quotation free of charge.


Start your reservation now. We will be happy to fullfill your needs

Want some extra trainings during POM? See our MAPS, TERRAINS & TRAININGS in Aguiar da Beira


  • Wide choice of training maps available in the Aguiar da Beira Area – 62,5km2 of high quality and updated training maps, totalling 18 forest maps
  • Nice maps with lots of rocky formation maps and intricate relief details.
  • Several sprint maps available - 11km2 of updated training maps, totalling 9 sprint maps
  • High quality training sessions - from typical session (sprint, middle, long type) to special technique sessions.


NOTE: all areas used for trainings are up to date. Our team member Rafael Miguel is in charge of updating all training maps before each season.


Our team is very experienced and takes pride in the quality of the training we prepare. That is why our training list is very dynamic. New trainings are always being made; old trainings being discontinued.

To check our current training list, click here: