the orienteering paradise in Portugal


Ever since the Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering was held in Aguiar da Beira, back in 2014, the sport of Orienteering has been gradually implemented in the county. The natural qualities of the forests surrounding Aguiar da Beira, allow the organization of top-quality Orienteering competitions and training camps, recognized internationally by the awards of 4th and a 3rd best course of the year (by WorlfofO.com) in 2014 and 2017.

All these qualities were recognized by the Portuguese and the International Orienteering Federations, allowing Aguiar da Beira to be the host of the 2022 Junior World Orienteering Championships.

This area is the true orienteering paradise! Many square kms of extremely technical forest terrains and lot’s sprint maps with intricate orienteering. All very close to the accommodation’s places.

The best is that this camp is possible to combine with our sand-dunes training camp – only 1h30 of driving between the camps.


Events nearby in 2024:

Aguiar da Beira Winter “O” Week – 19 to 25 February 2024

Portugal “O” Meeting 2024 – 9 to 13 February 2024


The camp in Aguiar da Beira is available all year long. Due to that reason, our training list is constantly updated allowing you to visit Aguiar da Beira several times and always get new courses and updated maps.

As a base we offer you full packages with accommodation and training maps as base. You can also add food and car rental.

Why do we do this? Simply because we can then guarantee you stay on a quality accommodation, close to the training areas. This will only make your training camp better! As a bonus, all groups/athletes that book standard packages with us will have free access to Aguiar da Beira swimming pool, gym or track and field.

Just want to have training maps? No problem, contact us and we can also help you with that.

To proceed with your reservation just start by filling our booking form below. If you still are on a preliminary stage of your travel plans, feel free to send us your questions via email or WhatsApp.

Please do your booking as soon as possible. Since accommodations are limited, booking in advance will guarantee you best possible accommodation places.

Booking only training maps: - please do it at least 5 days before arrival. Our maps are professionally printed on waterproof paper (top quality) so we need time to guarantee that we have printed maps for you.


After we receive your booking enquire, we will send you a full quotation of your travel based on your travel details. We always work hard to make your travel as easy and cheap as possible.



  • Wide choice of training maps available in the Aguiar da Beira Area – 62,5km2 of high quality and updated training maps, totalling 18 forest maps
  • Nice maps with lots of rocky formation maps and intricate relief details.
  • Several sprint maps available - 11km2 of updated training maps, totalling 9 sprint maps
  • High quality training sessions - from typical session (sprint, middle, long type) to special technique sessions.


NOTE: all areas used for trainings are up to date. Our team member Rafael Miguel is in charge of updating all training maps before each season.


Our team is very experienced and takes pride in the quality of the training we prepare. That is why our training list is very dynamic. New trainings are always being made; old trainings being discontinued.

To check our current training list, click here:




We have partner agreements with several accommodations in and around Aguiar da Beira – all within 10min drive from most of the training maps. In all accommodations we can guarantee quality arrangements for your camp.

On the Hotel style accommodations, the standard package includes accommodation, breakfast, and training maps. Half-board or full-board supplements are available.

On Self catering accommodations, the standard package includes accommodation and training maps. On some, breakfast can be included. On all self-catering options there will be a full equipped kitchen for guests to use.

Click on the name of each accommodation to see more information.


Accommodation & Training Maps Half Board
in single room
(per person/per day)
in double room
(per person/per day)
in triple room
(per person/per day)
price per meal
Hotel Termas Park 43,50€ 35€ 32,50€ 11,50€
Panifex - Aguiar da Beira 41€ 38€ 34,50€ 13€
Hotel Rural Quinta de Santo Estêvão 64,50€ 41€ 39€ 13€
Hotel Convento Nossa Senhora do Carmo 64,50€ 41€ 39€ 13€
Casas de Sequeiros
(self catering)
- 33€ - -
Casas de Campo da Barroca
(self catering)
56,50€ 35,50€ 33€ -


  • Accommodation & training maps package includes accommodation, breakfast and 2 training maps per day.
  • On self-catering accommodations price does not include breakfast. It can be included as an extra.
  • Prices will be adjusted according to booking details.
  • If you just want to buy training maps, each map costs 6€ - maps are professionally printed on waterproof paper, with tapes on the terrain.



  • Travel insurance;
  • Personal accidents insurance;
  • All extras not included on the price.



We can take care of your car rental need or even rent you a bus with driver during your full stay (ideal for big groups).

We have agreement with 2 car rental companies. On both cases the cars are picked and dropped directly at the airport station.



The car rental prices are dependable of a lot of factors. If you want quotation for your car rental needs, please proceed with your booking. We will send you a quotation free of charge.


Start your reservation now. We will be happy to fullfill your needs


During your camp you can use, for FREE, the facilities from the Municipality of Aguiar da Beira. This means you have free access to Gym and Swimming Pool and track and field.



No dangerous animals are found in Aguiar da Beira forests.
Sometimes it might be possible to find some ticks during spring and summer, but generally it does not represent any risk. However, it is still possible to get “tick fever” after getting bitten by an infected tick – extremely rare.
During the end of the winter and beginning of the spring it is very common to find “Thaumetophoea pityocampa” (in Portugal called “Pine tree worm”). Those are not dangerous to most people, but it’s common to find people who are allergic to this worm. There are years where this worm almost doesn’t exist and some others where you can find them everywhere.


If you have some problems during your stay, Aguiar da Beira has a small hospital where you can take care of small injuries or be seen by a doctor.  For serious injuries you should go to Viseu Hospital.

For groups visiting us, we recommend all athlete to bring their European Insurance Card - https://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=559

Location: 40.81008, -7.54737

Phone number: +351 232 689 090


Enjoy high quality terrain, maps and courses during week 8 of 2024. Come to Aguiar da Beira Winter “O” Week from 19th to 25th of February.

During these 7 days we will offer you 5 SPORTident sessions and you can fulfil your week with trainings from our package. The SPORTident sessions will be organized in partnership with the local Clube Oriented Aguiar.

We have as official partners the Aguiar da Beira Municipality and the Clubs Ori-Estarreja, COV-Natura and Oriented Aguiar.

Preliminary Programme

19th February (Monday)

  • Arrival
  • Trainings from O-Portugal package

20th February (Tuesday)

  • Morning: SPORTident training 1 – Long distance (4km, 8km or 11km)
  • Trainings from O-Portugal package

21st February (Wednesday)

  • Trainings from O-Portugal package

22nd February (Thursday)

  • Morning: SPORTident training 2 – Middle distance (4km or 6km)
  • Trainings from O-Portugal package

23rd February (Friday)

  • Trainings from O-Portugal package
  • Night: SPORTident training 3 – Night Diamond (mass start) (7km)

24th February (Saturday)

  • Morning: SPORTident training 4 – Sprint Relay (3km or 3,5km)
  • Trainings from O-Portugal package

25th February (Sunday)

  • Morning: SPORTident training 5 – Middle distance (4km or 6km)
  • Trainings from O-Portugal package