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packages aguiar da beira

Aguiar da beira

  Training and competitions packages for Aguiar da Beira - Portugal. Fantastic place for Orienteering trainings, competitions or simply some travel days.

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sand dunes packages

 Want a solid training camp with technical and fast terrain?
Then our Sand Dunes training camp is the best solution for you. Good quality maps and courses, most at running distance from the accommodation, perfect for a season opening training camp. 

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rocky mountains packages

   Looking for high quality terrain?
Look at our training camp in the Rocky Mountains area. Extremely technical terrains, still with good runnablility in the terrain.
 Orienteering terrains can hardly be better than this…. 

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portugal o meeting 2019

   Want to attend Portugal "O" Meeting 2019?
Then check out our competition package. This package can be easily combined with trainings on sand-dunes or rocky-mountains areas.

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packages aguiar da beira

POM2019 Accommodation Service

  We are the official travel agency of POM 2019. 
We offer several accommodation options with different standards and prices.
Check it out!

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pom2019 + naom2019 package

  Ready to go package combining POM and NAOM2019.
From the sand-dunes to the fast-rocky terrain in Alentejo!  

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  World Ranking Event candidate event in 15 to 17 February around Mora!
Quality terrains combined with some extra training days.

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ABOM2019 Package

  World Ranking Event candidate event in Aguiar da Beira in January 2019.
Enjoy this competition and combine it with some extra training days.

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perfect sand-dunes terrain near the atlantic ocean


What our clients say about our services

We are very satisfied with everything. It was perfect with the full-board and it was a lot of food so we had energy enough to do good trainings. The maps had really good quality and were easy to read and understand. I would really like to come back .... and I also hope that more people from Sweden do that

Mattias Johansson 
Älvsby folkhögskola/Älvsbyns gymnasium

For me the keyword is quality... 
So I always feel safe when I’m using O-Portugal packages, 
because I know the quality will be perfect! 
Good printing, good courses and good markers in the terrain!

Thierry Gueorgiou
Kalevan Rasti

We really liked the trainings and maps from the package. Courses are well planned, and maps are in general of really high quality. 
 All of us really enjoyed the terrains and we hope that you will get some bigger event in the area… 

Oleksandr Kratov

Really good service with car, hotel, food and trainings maps. 
 Quite carefree for us.

Andreas and Matthias Kyburz
IL Tyrving / OLK Fricktal

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