JWOC2021 Training Packages


Ever since the Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering was held in Aguiar da Beira, back in 2014, the sport of Orienteering has been gradually implemented in the county. The natural qualities of the forests surrounding Aguiar da Beira, allow the organization of top quality Orienteering competitions and training camps, recognized internationally by the awards of 4th and a 3rd best course of the year (by WorlfofO.com) in 2014 and 2017.

All these qualities were recognized by the Portuguese and the International Orienteering Federations, allowing Aguiar da Beira to be the host of the 2021 Junior World Orienteering Championships.

The packages below will be available until JWOC2021, but trainings will change constantly until then, allowing you to visit Aguiar da Beira several times in order to prepare for an extremely technical JWOC2021.

available at all periods - price may change according to dates chosen

Different accommodations can be arranged. Just contact us for more details.

Orienteering & Training Maps

  • Wide choice of training maps available in the Rocky Mountains Area – more than 60km2 of training maps
  • Nice maps with lots of rocky formation maps and intricate relief details.
  • Several sprint maps available
  • High quality training sessions - from typical session (sprint, middle, long type) to special technique sessions.

See more information on the MAPS or TRAININGS menus.

MapTr. NumberType of trainingMap ScaleLengthNº of CPObservations
Srª do CrastoTC17RM01Middle Distance1:10.0005,6km21
Srª do CrastoTC17RM02Loops1:10.0008,2km25short-cut possibilities
Srª da AgoniaTC17RM03Middle Distance1:10.0005,5km22Short-cut possibilities
Last part of the course is a downhill section on a very technical area. Due to this you need to jog 900meters until the parking after the finish.
Srº dos CaminhosTC18RM04Multi-Technique1:7.5006,8km16Multi-Technique exercise with 2 sections (a) contours – 4,2km|16PC (b) corridor – 2,6km
There is a possibility to only run the contours.
Srº dos CaminhosTC18RM05Short-Long Distance1:10.0007km24Course with relay type forking – good training to be executed with a mass-start.
Short-Cut to 4,7km
Quinta da Estrada TC18RM06Relay Intervals1:10.0008,2km255 relay intervals with forking: 1) – 1,7km; (2) – 1,6km; (3) – 1,3km; (4) – 1,6km; (5) – 1,4km. Shor-Cut to 4,6km (3 intervals)
Quinta da Estrada TC18RM07Short-Long Distance1:10.0008,5km18Course with relay type forking – good training to be executed with a mass-start. Focus on long legs.
Short-Cut to 5km | 9PC
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC18RM08Middle Distance1:10.0005,5km19Very technical area. Focus on shorter legs and precise map reading
Quinta da Estrada TC17RM09Multi-Technique
(fine orienteering)
1:10.0007,3km19Multi-Technique exercise with several sections: (a) warm-up, normal map; (b) Contours only; (c) hillside legs; (d) downhill leg; (e) corridor.
There are several possibilities to shorten the course.
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC18RM10Loops1:10.00010km282 loops with 5km each. Last loop map without paths.
SirigoTC17RM11Long Distance1:10.00010km23short-cut possibilities, shortest 4,6km
CarapitoTC18RM15Sprint1:4.0002,9km18New map from 2017
DornelasTC18RM16Sprint1:4.0003,8km20New map from 2017
Aguiar da BeiraTC18RM17Sprint Intervals1:4.0004km284x 1km intervals


Accommodations & Prices


  Accommodation & Training Maps Half Board Car Rental
in double room
(per person/per day)
in triple room
(per person/per day)
price per meal price for class C Car
(4 pax/car, min 6 days)
Panifex - Aguiar da Beira 30,50€ 27,50€ 9,50€ 10€
Hotel Termas Park 30,50€ 27,50€ 9,00€ 10€
Residencial Caldeirinha 10€
Casas de Sequeiros
(self catering)
32,50€ 32,50€ - 10€


  • Accommodation & training maps package includes accommodation, breakfast and 2 training maps per day.
  •  Car rental is calculated for a type C car (type Peugeot 208), with 4 persons per car. Possible to upgrade to a bigger car or rent 9 seats Mini-Bus. Prices will be adjusted according to booking details.


  • Travel insurance;
  • Personal accidents insurance;
  • All extras not included on the price.

Training Maps and Embargoed Areas for JWOC2021




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