Orienteering Trainings


The training of specific skills in Orienteering is our passion and our company’s goal is to always deliver maximum quality in our orienteering training sessions.

For this reason, every year we prepare new trainings for the groups that visit us. This way we can keep the training quality high, visiting only the most up to date areas of the training maps we have available.

Of course, we are always open to costumise some of the trainings to fit your own plans!


Below you can find our training list for 2020


Location of our trainings

Rocky Mountains area

MapTr. NumberType of trainingMap ScaleLengthNº of CPObservations
Srª do CrastoTC17RM01Middle Distance1:10.0005,6km21
Srª do CrastoTC17RM02Loops1:10.0008,2km25short-cut possibilities
Srª da Agonia e Srº dos CaminhosTC19RM03Loops1:10.0006,9km192 Loops with common finish.
Loop A – 4,3km | 11PC
Mix between longer legs with route choice and short and technical controls
Loop B – 2,4km | 8 PC
Precise navigation in detailed area.
Srª da Agonia e Srº dos CaminhosTC20RM23Diamond Loops1:10.0005,6km18Course set with reflectors on the tapes. Location marks the finish of the training – 1km running to the start
Srª da Agonia e Srº dos CaminhosTC19RM06Route Choice1:15.0007,2km9Focus on long legs and route choice challenge.
Srª da Agonia e Srº dos CaminhosTC20RM28Diamond Loops1:10.0005,2km22Course set with reflectors on the tapes.
Srª da Agonia e Srº dos CaminhosTC18RM04Multi-Technique1:7.5006,8km16Multi-Technique exercise with 2 sections (a) contours – 4,2km|16PC
(b) corridor – 2,6km
There is a possibility to only run the contours.
Srª da Agonia e Srº dos CaminhosTC19RM05Middle Distance1:10.0005,7km16Very technical and physical area. Several legs with route choice challenge.
Short-cut to 4,0km | 12 PC
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC19RM12Middle Distance1:10.0005,6km18Middle Distance WRE from ABOM2019
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC20RM29Diamond Loops1:10.0005,0km17Course set with reflectors on the tapes.
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC20RM24Contours1:10.0007,1km17Maps with only contours and greens.
Location marks the finish of the training – 1,4km running to the start
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC19RM11Loops1:7.5005,8km282 Loops with common finish – you can run the loops you want! Focus on detailed map reading. Loop A – focus on hillside legs (downhill, uphill, and hillside) – 3,4km | 12 PC; Loop B – control picking – 2,4km | 16 PC
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC19RM08Middle Distance1:10.0005,9km16Very technical but fast area. Focus on longer legs and precise navigation.
Short-cut to 4,0km | 11 PC
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC20RM27Corridor1:10.0008.5km4Several short-cut’s possible
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC20RM25Diamond Loops1:10.0005,9km19Course set with reflectors on the tapes.
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC19RM10Relay-Intervals1:10.0007,3km214 relay intervals with forking: 1) – 1,6km; (2) – 1,6km; (3) – 1,7km; (4) – 1,9km.
Shor-Cut by running less intervals (min 2 intervals)
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC18RM07Short-Long Distance1:10.0008,5km18Course with relay type forking – good training to be executed with a mass-start. Focus on long legs. Short-Cut to 5km | 9PC
Aguiar da Beira NorteTC19RM09Multi-Technique1:10.000
& 1:5.000
9,1km39Multi-technique exercise with different focus:
A – Corridor – 1,7km; B – Only Contours – 2km | 6 PC; C – Super Sprint 1 (1:5.000) – 1,1km | 11PC; D – Windows – 1,6km | 6PC; E – Super Sprint 2 (1:5.000) – 0,9km | 10PC; F – Downhill – 1,7km | 4 PC. Several short-cut’s possible
CortiçadaTC19RM13Middle Distance & Corridor1:10.0006,6km18Brand new map with 2 courses:
A- middle distance type course with 3,8km | 18 PC
B – Corridor – 2,8km (35 meters wide)
Common start and finish – you can run the part you want.
CortiçadaTC20RM30Interval-O1:10.0005km298 short-intervals – 500 to 700meters each
São MatiasTC19RM15Long Distance
with forking
1:15.00011,5km27Course with relay type forking – good training to be executed with a mass-start.
All techniques required, from short to long legs, from route choice to precise navigation. Quite complete training course.
Short-Cut to 8,5km | 20PC or 5,5 km | 12 PC
São MatiasTC19RM14Middle Distance1:10.0006,5km21Middle Distance in new map from 2018.
Short-Cuts to 5,5 km | 18 PC or 3,4km | 10PC
São MatiasTC20RM26Diamond Loops1:15.0005,9km21
(shortest route choice)
232 sprint loops in wonderful small town of Beselga.
Loop A – 2,1km | 14PC
Loop B – 1,6km | 9PC
Both loops have the same start place, so possible to start 2 runners at a time.
Some temporary fences on the map.
(shortest route choice)
(shortest route choice)
19Long Sprint in Viseu city center.
Mix between long and short legs
(shortest route choice)
(shortest route choice)
20Sprint ABOM2019
Aguiar da BeiraTC18RM22Sprint Intervals1:40004,0km
(shortest route choice)
284x 1km intervals