Orienteering Maps and Training Camp Areas

We are proud to cooperate with several Orienteering clubs, enabling us to provide you with some of the best orienteering maps in Portugal.

Rocky-Mountains Area

The terrain in this area varies between pine tree forest areas and open areas with rock faces.Terrain with moderate density of contour details and a lot of rock details. There is some undergrowth vegetation on some parts of the training maps.

There are many good sprint maps in this area, from small villages like Carapito or Dornelas, to more urban areas like Viseu.

maps rocky mountains




Sprint Maps:

  1. Aguiar da Beira
  2. Carapito (embargoed for JWOC2021)
  3. Dornelas
  4. Sátão
  5. Beselga
  6. Penedono
  7. Viseu
  8. Mangualde
  9. Vouzela
  10. São Pedro do Sul

Click on the areas of the location map to view details about each of the training maps or check out the maps in our DOMA archive.

rocky mountains maps

In total we have more than 120 km2 of orienteering maps, around 700 controls in the forest and several types of technical trainings available.

Contact us for more details regarding the training areas or the packages available.


Overview Map