Portugal O Week 2017 - week 8

Combine WRE competitions with a solid training camp in the sand-dunes area

Sand Dunes Training Camp

 Maps Sand-Dunes

Fast, soft & technical terrains close to accommodation! 

Perfect for pre-seasson preparation! see maps here

Rocky Mountains Training Camp

 Maps Rocky Mountains

Highly technical terrains on the Viseu area - see maps here

Portugal O Week 2017 - week 9

Combine training camp in the rocky-mountains area with, probably, the best winter competition in 2017 - ABOM2017

Portugal O Week 2017 – 17 to 26 February

Tour Program

17 February – Arrival + Training 1 (free training from Sand-Dunes training package)

18 February – Troféu Rainha Santa (Sprint WRE in Coimbra) + extra competition in Coimbra (City Race Coimbra – sprint race with winning time round 50min)

19 February – Troféu Rainha Santa (Middle Distance WRE in Cernache) 

20 February – Training 2 + Training 3 (free trainings from Sand-Dunes training package)

21 February – Training 4 + Training 5 (free trainings from Sand-Dunes training package)

22 February – Training 6 (free trainings from Sand-Dunes training package) + Training 7 (Night Mass-Start with forking, organized with SI)

23 February – Training 8 + Training 9 (free trainings from Sand-Dunes training package)

24 February – Training 10 (free training from Sand-Dunes training package) + travel to Castelo de Vide

25 February – POM2017 day 1 (Middle Distance in Crato) + Night Sprint (Alter do Chão)

26 February – POM2017 day 2 (Long Distance in Crato) + departure

Note: you can costumize the tour program according to your needs.


week 8 from 17 to 26 February

Accommodations & Prices

Hotel Style Accommodations

Accommodation (from 17 to 26 February) + Training Maps + Entry fee for BLOM and POM
(breakfast included)
+ Half Board

+ Half Board

+ Rent a Car

room type
in double room/pxin triple room/px
in double room/px
in triple room/px
in double room/px
in triple room/px
Mira-Villas Hotel****
+ INATEL Castelo de Vide

Quiaios Hotel****
+ INATEL Castelo de Vide

in double room/px/day
in 4 persons room/px/day

Hostel Praia de Mira1, 2
+ INATEL Castelo de Vide



  • This package results on a combination of accommodations, so prices can vary slightly depending the exact details of your reservation
  • Prices can be sligthly reduced for groups of over 15pax
  • The accommodation & training maps package includes accommodation, breakfast,10 trainings map on the Sand-Dunes Area and entry fee for Troféu Rainha Santa (2 days race + Coimbra City Race) and entry fee for POM2017 (day 1 and day 2 + Night Sprint). Note: youth runners, running M/W20 or younger have a discount of 20€
  • Car rental is calculated for a type C car, with 4 persons per car. Note that prices depend on arrival and departure dates and time.

  1Bed linen and towels not included – can be rented for 4€/px for the whole period of the reservation

  2Half-Board not available

Orienteering & Training Maps

  • Wide choice of training maps available in the sand dunes area. If you like you can also have some trainings from the rocky mountains area.
  • Mix between nice sand dune maps, varying from fast and regular relief to very detailed and technical areas.
  • Several sprint maps available
  • High quality training sessions – from typical session (sprint, middle, long type) to special technique sessions.

See here the list of training in the Sand-Dunes Area

Booking & Extra Informations