Portugal "O" Week 2018 - week 8 & 9

Combine training in the Sand-Dunes area, with a 3 days competition organized by Ori-Estarreja.

Training and Competitions around week 8 or week 9. 

Sand Dunes Training Camp

available from November to April

Portugal "O" Week 2018 - week 6

Perfect combination between WRE competiton in new maps around Sátão, trainings in the Rocky Mountains and some days at POM2018.

Rocky Mountains Training Camp

available from November to April

Portugal O Week 2018 - week 7

Combine POM2018 and PIOM2018, with some extra trainings in maps from Idanha a Nova: Cidral and Monsanto

 Maps Sand-Dunes

Fast, soft & technical terrains close to accommodation! 

Perfect for pre-seasson preparation! see maps here

Portugal "O" Meeting 2018

Competition package for POM2018, easily combined with trainings days on sand-dunes or rocky-mountains training areas.

 Maps Rocky Mountains

Highly technical terrains on the Viseu area - see maps here

Portugal O Meeting 2018 Competition Package

Available: from 9 to 13 February 2018

Competition package for the biggest event in Portugal. Package can be combined with training days in the sand dunes area or the rocky mountains area. Check out the packages for Sand-Dunes and Rocky-Mountains training camps.

All packages can be changed to fit your plans.

If you wish to visit us outside this period please contact us:  info.oportugal@gmail.com

Note: you can costumize the tour program according to your needs.

Accommodation & Prices

Hotel Style Accommodations

Accommodation from 9 to 13 February + Entry fee for POM2018 (model event, 4 days race, night sprint)
(breakfast included)
+ Half Board

+ Half Board & Car Rental

room type
in single room per paxin double room per pax
in single room per pax
in double room per pax
in single room per pax
in double room per pax
Hospedaria D’El Rei – Évora1
Hotel Imperador – Estremoz


  • Basic package includes accommodation, breakfast and entry fee for POM2018 (model event 1, day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 and Night Sprint). Note: youth runners, running M/W20 or younger have a discount of 30€
  • Car rental is calculated for a type C car (type Peugeot 208), with 4 persons per car. Possible to upgrade to a bigger car or rent 9 seats Mini-Bus. Prices will be adjusted according to booking details.
  • Triple rooms are standard double room with an extra bed

1 – Half board not included on prices for hospedaria d’el rei 

Orienteering Competitions

Booking & Extra Informations