Portugal "O" Week 2018 - week 8 & 9

Combine training in the Sand-Dunes area, with a 3 days competition organized by Ori-Estarreja.

Training and Competitions around week 8 or week 9. 

Sand Dunes Training Camp

available from November to April

Portugal "O" Week 2018 - week 6

Perfect combination between WRE competiton in new maps around Sátão, trainings in the Rocky Mountains and some days at POM2018.

Rocky Mountains Training Camp

available from November to April

Portugal O Week 2018 - week 7

Combine POM2018 and PIOM2018, with some extra trainings in maps from Idanha a Nova: Cidral and Monsanto

 Maps Sand-Dunes

Fast, soft & technical terrains close to accommodation! 

Perfect for pre-seasson preparation! see maps here

Portugal "O" Meeting 2018

Competition package for POM2018, easily combined with trainings days on sand-dunes or rocky-mountains training areas.

 Maps Rocky Mountains

Highly technical terrains on the Viseu area - see maps here

Training Camp Areas and Maps

Basically we have two different areas:

Sand Dune Area, which is located along the coast from Figueira da Foz until Aveiro. Maps from Portugal “O” Meeting 2015 are available for training.

Rocky Mountains, based in Viseu, using the maps from previous events and also the maps from Portugal “O” Meeting 2012 and MCO2017

In total we have more than 120 km2 of orienteering maps, around 700 controls in the forest and several types of technical trainings available.

Contact us for more details regarding the training areas or the packages available.

Overview Map