Portugal "O" Week 2018 - week 8 & 9

Combine training in the Sand-Dunes area, with a 3 days competition organized by Ori-Estarreja.

Training and Competitions around week 8 or week 9. 

Sand Dunes Training Camp

available from November to April

Portugal "O" Week 2018 - week 6

Perfect combination between WRE competiton in new maps around Sátão, trainings in the Rocky Mountains and some days at POM2018.

Rocky Mountains Training Camp

available from November to April

Portugal O Week 2018 - week 7

Combine POM2018 and PIOM2018, with some extra trainings in maps from Idanha a Nova: Cidral and Monsanto

 Maps Sand-Dunes

Fast, soft & technical terrains close to accommodation! 

Perfect for pre-seasson preparation! see maps here

Portugal "O" Meeting 2018

Competition package for POM2018, easily combined with trainings days on sand-dunes or rocky-mountains training areas.

 Maps Rocky Mountains

Highly technical terrains on the Viseu area - see maps here

Undecided about your winter training camp?

Check out our Portugal O Week 2017 – week 8 Package – http://www.o-portugal.pt/packa…/portugal-o-week-2017-week-8/

Start with a fabulous Sprint WRE in Coimbra – new area to be mapped especially for BLOM2017, continue with some training days on the Sand-Dunes area and finish your week with some POM2017 competition.

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