Portugal O Week 2017 - week 8

Combine WRE competitions with a solid training camp in the sand-dunes area

Sand Dunes Training Camp

 Maps Sand-Dunes

Fast, soft & technical terrains close to accommodation! 

Perfect for pre-seasson preparation! see maps here

Rocky Mountains Training Camp

 Maps Rocky Mountains

Highly technical terrains on the Viseu area - see maps here

Portugal O Week 2017 - week 9

Combine training camp in the rocky-mountains area with, probably, the best winter competition in 2017 - ABOM2017

Our Packages & Tours

Sand Dunes Training Camp

Want a solid training camp with technical and fast terrain?

Then our Sand Dunes training camp is the best solution for you. Good quality maps and courses most at running distance from the accommodation, perfect for a season opening training camp.

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Rocky Mountains Training Camp

 Looking for high quality terrain?

Look at our training camp in the Rocky Mountains area. Extremely technical terrains, still with good runnablility in the terrain. Orienteering terrains can hardly be better than this….

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Portugal O Week 2017 – week 8

Combine training in the Sand-Dunes area, WRE competitions, including a WRE Sprint in Coimbra and some organized training with sport-ident timing.Training and Competitions around week 8. 

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Portugal O Week 2017 – week 9

Training and Competitions around week 9. Undecided about what competition to take on the winter?

Then you should definitely try ABOM2017, that will use the fantastic terrains around Aguiar da Beira. This package combines ABOM2017 with the remaining training around the Rocky Mountains Area.

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Portugal O Meeting 2017

Want to attend Portugal O Meeting 2017?

Then check out our competition package for POM2017. This package can be easily combined with training on week 8 or week 9.

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